Rose new makeup

Rose might finally find a new home to my amazement O_O She now has a new faceup. This is as near ‘dark fantasy makeup’ as I could go. The faceup has glitter and gloss all around as I found it fun to add. Can’t really see the glitter in the pictures.Rose is close-eyed DDH-05 that I ended up modding. While carving her eyes open I decided to open up her mouth too back in the day. I also chiseled bit under her nose so it would have more clearer start of upper lip. Her teeth are actually painted milliput sculp. For awhile I wondered if it would have been possible to make her a new set of teeth, ones with fangs! But I’m not that good sculpting teensy weensy things. I like the eyelashes Rose now has. Unfortunately eyelashes on the eyes are not exactly the same ^^; With the new faceup I had to try different wigs too (and the eyes are not the same as before the new makeup. I just couldn’t find the violet eyes she had before :/ ) Black is bit too dark I think. Or she should have had darker smoky eyes Brown would be okay, but I don’t like fiber wigs and especially this one.. Blond wig is okay too :) I do not know what to think of the purple one. Except is it too much purple and dang, the wig is not straightPink is nice as it makes her look so bright and happy ^_^

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