Snow Miku

The right season for Snow Miku is winter ^_^ I’m so happy to get first pictures of Snow Miku with snow. She got to wear her Fluffy Coat set :3 I guess Snow Miku will have a wardrobe of her own because both Snow Miku outfits fit S-SS, but are too small for M. Miku01Today’s color is blue :) Miku02I’m going to get Miku a light blue synthetic fiber wig that is closer to the colour of her twintail wig. I like the twintale wig, but I’m scared I will ruin it while carrying Snow Miku around in a bag…Miku03Snow Miku is so cute ^_^ I hope Volks makes a new Snow Miku outfit this year. Soon it will be time for Snow Miku fest. I know they’re selling Snow Miku and Fluffy coat set there and have promised a surprise. If not new snow Miku outfit then I’m hoping for Megurine Luka.. I wouldn’t mind Kaito either because that would mean DD size DD male. Even if the new SmartDoll male is awesome. I don’t know if it’s Eiji v2 or Black Butler Sebastian, but I do like him

Miku04I made a new year’s resolution to make a blog post every week so there will be more of random doll news ranting and photo posts from me :)

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