New Year’s Resolutions 2017

I have a habit of making new year’s resolutions. Last year I failed 5/7 resolutions, but as the year is new again I’m hopefull of keeping my resolutions this year :)

Resolution 1: I won’t use my salary for dolls
I’m saving for a town house (I’d love to have garage and garden ^_^) and as dolls are way expensive I decided to make a resolution not to use my salary for buying dolls and things for them. I really ought to have some money for other expenses and emergencies. So I’ll be making clothes mysell for my dolls and if I happen to get money from selling doll stuff or mangas I can use that money for dolls.

Quite a lot of doll stuff I’d like to sell…

Interestingly enough I do have quite a lot of stuff to sell. I’ve started a page for listing all the doll items I have for sale. The pictures are horrid and I haven’t figured out yet how to tell enough of the items with the template this blog offers but maybe one day it will be good enough to use :)

Resolution 2: I’ll draw a potrait of a doll every month
Right…. I just wanna get better at drawing humans and I just don’t have what it takes to go to sit on a cafe and draw grogs of people passing by. I want to do a live model drawing so maybe my dolls will help me with this. I’ll be drawing one of my dolls each month.

Nami will be the first live model for drawing. I hope…

Resolution 3: I’ll draw a cartoon/picture book
A long time dream for me has been to make a cartoon or a book. I have no idea what I will be drawing, but I decided to make a 20cm x 20cm book that Ifolor offers (a firm that offers to make books out of your pictures). If I get it done by Christmas then I have succeeded :)

Borrowed a cartoon handbook from library. Maybe it’ll help

Resolution 4: Make a blog post weekly
This one I mentioned earlier. I want to make a blog post every week. I don’t think it will be easy, but it will set me back on the curve of learning new things. Doll photography, knitting, sewing and just plain writing. Sometimes I miss school because when I was in school I got to do new stuff every day and I drew and made things all the time. Now I feel like I just sit on the sofa and watch tv ^^;

Shiori was ready for photoshoot, but I didn’t have time for it the whole weekend.

I was thinking of taking photos of Shiori this weekend, but we had other things to do and before you know it, it was sunday evening and no more daylight ^^; So instead of pretty pictures of Shiori you got me telling my goals for this year. Oh well, so life goes. If you don’t do one thing, you’ll do another :) Unfortunately my goal of making blog posts means that I won’t continue upkeeping the finnish DD forum. The domain and space for it expires in April and I have no plans to do anything about it ^^;

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