Progress with Legos

I previously made lego chair for MDD. When I started to rebuild it to figure out what kind of wooden parts I would need for it, I ended up making it bigger as it felt bit too small for MDD lego1The back loop of the chair is not exactly as I want it as even though legos are awesome there are still some limitations. lego2lego3:) Now the chair is nice. But as I got more legos while visiting the Legoland in Denmark, I though ‘Hey, I still got plenty of legos to go… What if this chair is from a school class?…’ And then I went and made a lego desk to go with the chair lego4lego5lego6I really hope that I can make the chair and this desk out of wood as it would be awesome to get a classroom for my three MDDs. lego7lego8Any good school desk has a space inside ^_^ lego9

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