Triple Trouble

I won MDD Arle Nadja ^_^ Quite amazing really. I posted some pictures of her (as the one below) to twitter as I haven’t had time for photo shoot (or energy in that matter, I turn into a sloth during the summer as I can’t take the heat) 27102081210_d2334584a0

As always I wanted to try different eyes and several wigs for Nadja. arle1 arle2 arle3 arle4 arle5 arle6

I decided to go with the blue eyes and double red coloured wig. arle7


And for the triple trouble from the title. When I got Maria, I thought she would stay as my only MDDmdd1

But when they announced the semiwhite skin, I got a craving for SWS MDD and Illya came along..mdd2

And as it goes, DDs/MDDs tend to multiply even if you don’t want them to, so when I saw Arle I just couldn’t resist her either…mdd3I’m kinda hoping that there wouldn’t be more MDDs, but I know that if tan or elfeared MDD comes along I’m doomes to get one more…

Volks News 69 just came out and I’m really happy that the new DDH-10 standard head is for MDD ^_^ I just love to see pictures of MDDs and the more there are options the more there are MDDs around

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2 Responses to Triple Trouble

  1. rani says:

    where i can buy this doll??

    • Maarit says:

      Volks International is the maker and seller of Dollfie Dream dolls. Unfortunately all my MDDs (Mini Dollfie Dream) are limited models so you’d have to find these exact models in second hand market. Volks does have MDD parts and two standard MDDs available at their site. Good luck finding the doll you love! :D

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