Spring Maria

I’ve been wanting some new wigs as Monique Sassy wig was released in white. I’ve not been happy with Maria’s wig and while I was thinking what red variant I should I get for her I tried Pinja’s wig on Maria and now she’s going to have a new wig in this colour. In these pictures Maria is wearing Pinja’s wig and a new Volks dress I got her ^_^ Maria1The dress is MSD size and loose on MDD so I had to use a sash on the waist. The dress had a sash, but I just couldn’t find it ^^; Maria2Maria3Maria4I didn’t think doll clothing needs washing, but I should wash Maria’s pantyhose as those have streched and don’t look so good anymore

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2 Responses to Spring Maria

  1. Sanna says:

    Todella suloinen ja keväinen tyttö! :) Löysin nyt vasta blogisikin.

    • Maarit says:

      MDDt on suloisia ja Maria yksi ihanimmista ^_^ Kesällä sitten vielä lisää kuvia hänestä.

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