Odd eyes

I liked the desings of Twin-snow eyes and Lizanna continued with the same desings after Twin-snow got of the market. Lizanna’s eyes are way pricier than Volks eyes so it took me a long time before I ordered. Time was right when Lizanna had the custom sizes event :3 I ordered three pairs of 20mm eyes for ceratain girls. One pair was a miss as I had forgotten that Alna’s eye size is 20mm not 22mm as mos Dolffie Dream eyes are ^^; Should have ordered size 18mm for her…

Below is from top to bottom

  • Lizanna 20mm Moonlight vs. Twin-Snow 22m Ocean
  • Lizanna 20mm Moonlight vs. Twin-Snow 22m metallic Ocean
  • Lizanna 20mm Crystal vs. Volks Yuki M. original


I changed one eye on all the girls and after few days I decided that, okay the Lizanna eyes work for Tuulia and are okay for Liliana and Aurora so I changer the other pair too and left them with Lizanna eyes. Below is my odd eyed girls :Doddeyes2oddeyes3oddeyes4

I hope Lizanna will one day have the custom size event again so I could get 18mm eyes for Aurora, Lumi and Sheryl.

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