I kinda have a dream that I could have a custom Dollfie Dream for sale at the Frostbite Artist Alley. I’ve had these three floating heads for awhile waiting for face-ups, so now that time is running out (about a week until the Frostbite O_O;; !!) I finally get to work and got the face-ups done. they’re not perfect, but at least I don’t cry when I look at the face-ups like I did with my first tries years ago. So here they are.

Cute little miss DDH-08 head fu1Troublesome DDH-05. Will never buy eyeholes closed head again… fu2And my absolute favorite standard head mold, DDH-09fu3I don’t have enough nice eyes so these are the best I could get for these girls fu4fu5fu6

I got to try wigs for DDH-08 and DDH-05 as I have two spare bodies. DDH-09 will have to wait for her own. fu7fu8I think this is my favorite look of the day :3 DDH-08 is so cute fu9

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