I go accepted to the Artist Alley and went to take some promoshots for it. This was the last snowy frosty day I had the change. Now the snow has melted away :( I have a fox mascot for Pihlajakoto that I haven’t used very much and decided to use it a lot more on the decorations of my Artist Alley table. For pictures I found this woolly fox I had done by needle felting years ago and took it with me for props. mascot1  mascot2This year I’m not making any sweaters for the Artist Alley as my back just can’t take that much knitting, but I will have mittens and woolly hats for sale like the ones in the pictures. mascot3mascot4I’m hopefully gonna get my custom DDH-05 done for the Artist Alley and she will have what Alna is wearing in the picture above (minus the shorts).

For a moment Alna thought of having her own mascot, a foxbunny :D mascot5

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