Selling Miss Mirai

I’m dreaming of tan vinyl doll and since space is limited I decided to put my SmartDoll Mirai up for sale so I can buy SmartDoll Ebony. I’d accept trades from Europe, but I doubt anyone would be interested to trade Mirai to Ebony. Mirai1Mirai will have almost everything she came with plus option bust size M and L. She’s missing her beanie. The sales post is up at

She has modification on her mouth. I carved and repainted her mouth to have a toothy smile. Mirai2Mirai3Mirai4

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2 Responses to Selling Miss Mirai

  1. Jared Ong says:

    Hi! She is very very pretty! Is she still up for sale? I would really like to have her! Please reply as soon as possible because I would really like to buy her! Thank you!❤️

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