Today’s the last day to apply for the Desucon Frostbite Artists Alley. I was hoping I could do more pictures of different products, but oh well, I haven’t got my new Singer (serger with coverstich) to work so I haven’t really gotten any sewing done, So instead of five product pictures I have to go with these three ^^;

yukataFirts is the same yukata desing I made last year. It turns out it looks good as casual yukata too :D I got some new fabrics for this but those aren’t done yet.

mittensSecond product is mittens and woolly hats, same as last year. Unfortunately my back can’t take knitting so I won’t be doing sweaters this year :( I have loaned knitting machine from a friend but it makes bigger loops and I haven’t had time to calculate the patterns to fit that. Propably won’t have before next year and Frostbite is middle of January…

camisoleThird product is something new I’ve been working on :D I learned screen printing and decided to use it to make camisoles and t-shirts for DD. T-shirts got stalled because I changed my serger, but I did get a great deal of different kind of camisoles done.

I’ll know if I get accepted to the Artist Alley on 10th of November. Scary time waiting as I know that there should be another applicant making Dollfie Dream clothes and she’s a whole lot better at sewing and desingning than me :/

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  1. safir says:

    Toivottavasti pääset taidekujalle myyjäksi, täytyy pitää peukkuja pystyssä~! Nämä on kaikki kyllä niin taidokkaasti tehtyjä, täällä olisi ainakin yksi innokas asiakas! >o< Lapaset tai pari ja myssyn nappaisin ainakin sinulta tuossa tuokiossa ♥

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