I was so happy about the news that Volks is releasing the onepiece torsos as standard pieces that  I digged Nami from her hideout and took some pictures of her with Miki’s default outfit. Just few more months of waiting and she can get DDS body instead of this DD3 body (Alisa’s). Then Boa will get this body and they both can wear skimpy clothing as the characters go in One Piece. 009007002004006

Hopefully next time I have Jouko ready :/ I got the 60cm Obitsu body elbow and kneejoint replacement parts, but only the elbow part was same as 65cm male elbow ^^; The long stick in the knee part is different in 60cm and I still need to figure out how can I modify it to fit the 65cm body.

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  1. kaili says:

    thanks for the idea !

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