Get Mariko!

You know there is a lottery to get Summer Festival Mariko now at the Volks webstore! She’s such a pretty girl. If I wouldn’t already have Tuulia I so would be in for the lottery (would love to get the Summer Festival version outfit set for Tuulia ^^; ) Mariko student looks so cute with twin pigtails that I wanted to try that with Tuulia too.mariko1Mariko2Mariko3Mariko4Mariko5Mariko6Mariko7

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  1. safir says:

    I’ve entered the lottery for Mariko, hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky ones >.< She's my dream DD, so this'd be an awesome opportunity, sniff… This new version is the most appealing to me as well TvT

    Tuulia looks pretty with the braids ♥

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