Illya <3

I just couldn’t resist taking some pictures of Illya near these yellow flowers, even if the flowers grow on wet ground and I really shouldn’t be out with a camera as I’ve had a flu for the past week and it’s still not over… Illya1Illya2

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  1. mizya says:

    Tuo keltainen kukka on nimeltään Rentukka. :3 Caltha palustris in Latin and wikipedia says that it’s called marsh-marigold or kingcup in English. Had to check because I haven’t needed to know what it is in English as there aren’t many of those here. xD Last year I found one small cluster that had, like, eight or ten flowers, but it wasn’t much cause for celebration, haha.

    Illya is such a cutie, I love her fluffy hair~ x3 ♥ Those pink little hair clips are so cute! I meant to ask in the meet up where you’ve gotten those lovely getas that she’s wearing, but it slipped my mind. I need to find getas for my dolls, not many of the usual shops that I check have those – or if they do, they’re not very pretty. :’3

    • Maarit says:

      Thank you :D Now I know what the flower is called. I always remember the name wrong and call these flowers Kullervo even if I know it’s wrong ^^;

      I think Illya has now claimed this blond wig hers ^^; There’s something that I can’t resist having monique gold collection wigs on my girls.

      I got the getas with MSD kimono set that Maria was wearing last year in the hanami. I think the set is made by Volks and came originally with their tenshi-maybe-something service. I’d love to find a place where to get nice getas too…

      • mizya says:

        There actually is another yellow flower that is called “Kullero” (my mom has a bunch of those in her flower bed and I often photograph them during summer), so maybe that’s why you’ve thought of them as “Kullervo”? xD

        Ah, I had a feeling they might be from Volks. Let’s hope Volks will release some lovely new getas at some point! ^^ You’d think that there would be more getas around, since many shops offer kimonos, but no… I’m always so jealous when I see photos of all the Japanese and other Asian doll events, because there’s so much lovely stuff that’s not available elsewhere. I once saw these super gorgeous decorative high heel getas. ;u; Someday I’ll go to Japan and attend one of those events and buy all the pretty things, haha!

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