I’m preparing for the next memories shoot and I found my dear Pipos creatures for that. Charlottes face-up is a mess, but Chiisu is cute as ever. She just needs more clothes :) Chiisu1Chiisu2Chiisu3Chiisu4

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  1. safir says:

    So adorable ♥ Pipos’ small critters are just adorable, especially the cats and mice x3 Chiisu seems a bit shy in the first photo, but looks like she got some courage to come out of her hiding place to pose a bit to the camera~ Love her little overalls, is it self-made?

    • Maarit says:

      I wish I would have ordered another cheese mouse with jr pi body from the 6 colours event Pipos just had. I could have had big brother for Chiisu as jr pi is tad bigger than this mouse. Maybe then Chiisu would not be so shy :)

      Yep, the overalls are made by me. Those are test version, but I haven’t gotten around making actual version out of jeans fabric

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