Last man Standing – Year 2011 memories

In year 2011 I got three new Dollfie Dreams, but only one will be staying at the moment ^^; I’ve already sold Marisa Kirisame DDS and I’m selling White Christmas Alna. Yoko is the one that will be staying with me from year 2011. 002 In her last days of waiting to find a new home Alna has gone quite dark and pale at the same time :( Poor girl just doesn’t get the love she deserves as I just can’t cope with the white skin. The reason Yoko was never united with Nia. 008But Yoko seems to be fine anyway, even borrowing this yukata that was made for DD3 L-bust. 017023

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8 Responses to Last man Standing – Year 2011 memories

  1. Sarah says:

    I want alna! How much will u be selling her 4 if u haven’t already sold her!

  2. Sarah says:

    Will u be selling her original wig with her?

    • Sarah says:

      And the outfit too? I want her so bad! I hope I can somehow get her! She will hopefully be my first dd…

      • Maarit says:

        Hi! I haven’t sold Alna yet. She doesn’t come with original wig, outfit or body. She is on DD3 L-bust body (Saber Alter 2nd body). I have her up for sale for 650 euros + ppfees and shipping. The set would include Alna’s head, original eyes (attached with putty), the wig and outfit you see on her in this post (no shoes)

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