Artist Alley Portfolio

I decided to apply for Desucon Frostbite Artist Alley even if I know I don’t have table full of items to sell and the interest for my items will be mild. I need to make a portfolio for the application so I wanted to take a picture with my main items, hats, mittens and sweaters. item1item2Striped sweaters are cute :3 item3item4Long braided sweaters are nice too. I’ll probably try to make extra long ones where the hem would be near midthight. item5Not forgetting the MDD size :D I’m planning on getting Prisma Illya to accompany Maria item6item7As I still have time to make few more sweaters and mittens for the artist alley (if they accept my application…) I wouldn’t mind taking hints what colours/colour combinations are prefertable :)

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