SmartDoll Mira

:D I got SmartDoll Mirai! She stayed as Mirai for few nanoseconds and then turned into a finnish SmartDoll Mira XD I just couldn’t resist changing her wig and eyes and into my own blog mascot hoodie Mira1Mira2Mira3Mira4Beautiful blond hair, eh? Mira5Mira6

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  1. Spica says:

    She’s so beautiful! :3 I want a SmartDoll too~
    Loving that outfit and your blog-mascot is very cute. The jeans look awesome, where are they from?

    • Maarit says:

      :D Lucky that SmartDolls are not limited items so you can have one too.
      The jeans are from Mirai’s default wear! I really love the clothes set she comes with

  2. Spica says:

    Oh and can you tell us something about the ordering process of this doll, how long it took for it to arrive etc. ? :3

    • Maarit says:

      Go to (propably redirects you to another url, but should be the same place anyway). The orders are not open at the moment, but should open up again in middle of July.

      For me it took half a week from order to shipment. Payment was via Paypal (can use credit card without account I think). Shipping was with EMS which means she was at home within two weeks from ordering. Mirai was bubblewrapped and had her accessories with her. She even comes with telescopic stand-aid that attaches to her back so she’s quite easy to have her stand. I’d recommend, if not reading, then browsing throught the SmartDoll about at the SmartDoll frontpage :)

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