DD Sweaters

I’ve been thinking of putting some woolly sweaters I made for sale. I decided to take some pictures of them for the sale add and as I just recently received lots of monique gold collection wigs I wanted to try those out too. Aoko got turqoise Rheanna wig, Lumi got light blue Ginger wig and Aurora got white Ciara wig (and new K-type blue eyes from Volks). First the sweater promo shots.

Light blue sweater and Lumi White sweater and Aurora Natural white and Aoko Aoko is cute with the blue wig, but blue eyes and blue wig is bit much. I should change either the eyes or the wig. Don’t know which. I like the new wig Aurora has, but the eyes are to bright. I would like to have darker blue like Sasara’s eyes for her.  And some together shots of the girls :)

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