MDD1 body modding time

I really do hate the floppy MDD1 body while I really like the MDD3 body. But as it seems that the DDH-03 normal skin head that I’ve been working on will stay with me as Molly is in need of body I just had to start modding Maria’s old body for her.

Into parts the body goes! The most annoying part is the legs so let’s start with those. The knee does not hold weight at all. My solution is to stuck a new screw in it. The screw and it’s bolt (or what’s it called) are from Coolcat neck joint for DD. I think MDD neck screws would have been better size as you will later see. I removed the foot and vinyl cover for the leg and took of the screws. There is no hole through the other part so I made one with screwdriver. The screw was bit too long and I will change it to MDD neckscrew if I ever end up buying the replacement part from CoolCatAnyways, the screw fitted ok and you can always tighten it more very easily if it’s starts to get floppy again. Now it’s nice and tight joint. But when the knee is tight you notice the ankle floppying. Other ankle was easy as I only had to wiggle a little to see the screw and tighten it. But the other ankle… The screw just kept turning but it did not tighten or loosen. I had to use force even when I was afraid of breaking the whole ankle. Luckily the screw was not attached to the other side of the joint ball and I got parts removed. With more work I got the other ball of the ankle and found out the problem. On the left is how the piece is supposed to be and on the right you see what I had. The cylinder was not attached tight enough to the ball and when you but the screw in it the cylinder it kept turning with the screw and was stuck without doing anything. So I’ll need to glue the part back and all will be good then.Other things I tried on the body were thinning of the vinyl where the legs attach And taking of the ribcage thingy I don’t understand what’s it for. It hinders the movement and makes it difficult to change bust. Only thing I know it’s good for is silicone busts.

When I get the ankle part glued Molly will have a body, but due to bad luck her facemodding went bad as I found out that her nose has a relatively huge airbubble in it… You can see in the picture a small crack in her nose where the vinyl broke :/ I checked with a pin that the cavity in her nose is about 3mm.I’m not ready to give up on Molly and decided to try something on the airbubble. Even if it works she will have the crack in her nose, but at least she would have a nose. I’m carving a hole from the inside to the airbubble and I’m hoping to fill it with milliput paste I got to make Molly’s teeth. Hopefully the I can repair the nose with milliput without making bigger holes and Molly could be up and running by the time summer comes.

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