Custom MDD

I’ve noticed that I have unneeded parts around that I could make a MDD of. So just for the fun of it I’ve started to assemble a custom MDD that will end up in sale as I’m not that fond of the head ( I want a new DDH-03 with soft head cap to customize…) Her face-up is still in the works as the eyebrows needed to get redone and I haven’t been able to borrow a hobbyroom to make them again (I can’t use MSC at home as I get a headache from it’s stink and I don’t have a room separate enough from the rest of the apartment). I’ve decided she will have this too bright pink wig as I want to get rid of it XD I will be making another pair if D.I.Y eyes for her as this green pair is not as nice I’d want it to be. I think I want to make a full set (without shoes..) so I need to figure what kind of outfit would fit her. Suggestions are welcome :) She will propably have the blue knitted hoodie as extra anyways as I don’t like it that much and I don’t want to pull it a part to use the wool again. So here she is with the floppy MDD body. I think DDH-03 is a quite good size for MDD body even if the face is not round enough

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