CoolCat Neckjoint

When Haruka arrived, I was kind of hoping that I could give the new DDdy3 body to Lilia. But I couldn’t figure out how to transfer the Peach Pai bust on to the new body. I tried and broke Lilia’s neckjoint :/ It was still usable, but I feared that the broken edges of the neckjoint would pierce the silicon bust so I bought a replacement part from CoolCat. Time to change the neckpart…

Aluminum looks shiny and sturdy and the upper joint moves better than in the original neckpart Lilia has. It is gruesome to take a doll a part to change the neckpart, so I just so the first part (wig taken of) and skip the beheading, arm and bust part removal. It was not enough to remove parts over the chest part. You have to remove the chest part too… It’s so you can take that part into pieces too. It’s not enough to take of screws. If you don’t remove the plactictubes holding the upper frame together and use force you might brake the tubes. Braking the inner frame is a scary thought as the is no replacement parts for it.The change went well and Lilia’s head was a lot easier to attach to new part than before :) Successful surgery!

Neckpart works well :) Weird seeing the backward head tilt O_O

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