Wersaze silicone bust

I was going to bid on red cyclone bust but I choose this wersaze bust because it was BIN. I don’t like auctions :/  I’m still not sure if it was a good decision to buy another silicone bust but at the time it felt like a good idea to get a silicone bust that wasn’t size huge. Oh well, here’s some pictures of Lumi in silicone bust. Last picture is of nude bust and my opinions about it.

I’m already used to Lilia’s Rajikaru bust so I was amazed how different wersaze’s silicone felt and looked. The tone of the bust was yellowish and the silicone felt firm. Straight from the packet wersaze’s bust was oily, but that was just the lack of baby powder on the surface. I had bit of trouble with the fillings as they were straight from the mold and still had 2-3 mm excess of silicone at the bottom. First time I tried them inside the bust I wondered what was wrong because the filling pads lifted the silicone bust of the inner frame and made a gap to the waist. After some shaving to the fillings they fit perfecly.  Wersace bust came with two pairs of fillings, hard and soft. The soft filling give a little bit more squishiness compared to normal Volks part. The soft choice is not super-soft like Rajikaru’s squish together boobs. Wersace bust looks really a lot like Volks’s L-bust (as you can see in the lower picture) so you wouldn’t guess Lumi has a silicone bust except that she can tilt her head and make cute poses ^_^

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2 Responses to Wersaze silicone bust

  1. nolip says:

    Hello, I was thinking about getting the silicon bust you mentioned but I really want a peach pai bust. Do you like the one you purchased or peach pai is better? Also, where can I purchase a peach pai?

    • Maarit says:

      I like the Peach Pai bust I have more than this wersaze bust.
      Rajikaru makes Peach Pai bust and they’re home page is Rajikaru. I needed a shopping agent from Japan to buy one. Not all shopping agents are willing to buy this for reason being “Japan Customs regards the items as a nasty stuff.”…

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