Second try on face-up

I finally had a change to try second time doing face-up on my floating heads. Unfortunately they are still stained from the first try-out… I think I’m getting better at this but still nowhere near were I want my skills on painting to be.

I wanted to try the heads on bodies to see if the face-up gives the overall impression I was after.And then with wigs on.

Not bad, but I still need to get the lines thinner and have more insight on volks style face-up. I was quite shocked how small DDH-03 heads are compared to other heads O_O I took comparison pictures of NS DDH-03 with Yuki Morikawa head and WS DDH-03 head with Alna’s head. I’m going to try doing the face-ups third time, but before that I have to do some more sanding and modding to the NS DDH-03 head. She has a long cut on her face and even though it doesn’t show in the photos it’s stand out awfully well in real life.

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