Painting a My Little Pony – Autumn leaf

I kinda like My Little Ponies, but none of the factory models are precisely what I would like to see as a My Little Pony.  I want to have ponies with lots of colours and patterns all over them not just in the backside. I painted this pony some time ago, but as I am planning to paint more I wanted to show how I paint my ponies.

For this pony I obtained a blank anniversary pony.

After masking the pony’s mane and eyes with tape I started painting. First I painted background color in layers. Goblin green all over (I don’t have a picture of this..) Then dark green for legs and finally lighter yellow-green on back and head.


Next I painted leaves. Yellow leaves and then red leaves in layers and some gold paint over all the leaves.

I wanted more anime style eyes for the pony. First I had to take of the masking tape.

Finished autumn leaf pony. One day I will change her mane and tail to green. Using Copic marker is not the right way to change the colour ^^;


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