First try making a face-up

I bought two standard heads from Volks, one normal skin DDH-03 and one white skin DDH-03 to practice face-ups on. I knew it doing a face-up is difficult but I wasn’t prepared that it would be this hard. I’ll try again after I get winsor&newton brush cleaner and can wipe these of….

I learned a lot doing the face-ups. First I used pastels for blush. I think that was the part that went too well and I got overconfident ^^; It’s too easy to make mistakes painting with a brush and having no guidelines on the face itself. Acrylic paint dries faster than I can take a wet towel to wipe it of, so the other eyebrow of the NS head is completely crooked and has remnant of first eyebrow visible underneath. Pastels were ok, but the parts painted with acrylic are too dark and thick.

I used guidelines with the white skin head and its better paintjob than the NS head, but nowhere near the level I want it to be. I need to practice painting with a brush and make more accurate guidelines on the face, not to mention I need to desing the face-up on photoshop before starting to paint anything.

Even if I failed, painting my own face-up is fun :) I can’t wait to get the cleaner and try again.

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