How to mod DDII bust for DDdy

I do not like DDdy ‘torpedo’ busts. Yoko has the only reasonable bust Volks ever made for DDdy, but it’s not available as a option part. So I’m forced to use other measures to get more natural busts for my DDdy girls.

I bought DDII L-bust for modding. I’ve seen a picture of DDdy with modded DDII M-bust and it was too small to make proportions of the body balanced. I forgot to take pictures of the bust part before cutting, so a spare M-bust is as the unmodded part next to unmodded DDdy ‘torpedo’.

Carpet knife is a tool of trade for this one. I carved half of the extra of first so I could get the DDII part fittet over the DDdy frame for closer measurement.

I marked with a pencil where I wanted to cut more. I had the original DDdy bust as a reference too.

Vinyl bust parts are really soft so I couldn’t use a file or a sand paper to get smoother edges… If you can cut smoothily all around the bust with one go, you could get better results than me.

I did cut the edge diagonally like the bust part cut by Volks and as you can see nowhere near as smooth edge.

Here is Alina with her new modded part and tools next to her. I find knitting needle to be usefull when lifting bust part of the frame and when opening the top of the head. For the head opening I use two knitting needles and a butter knife. Alina got new eyes too :)

Her default eyes weren’t that good especially when the other one was severely cracked :/ Lucky that Lumi’s default eyes are the same size as Alina’s default (20mm). All the other eyes I had seemed to be too big for her.

Here is some pictures of Alina after her successfull surgery :)


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4 Responses to How to mod DDII bust for DDdy

  1. Vivienne says:

    Hello, thank you for the very helpful tut. I think I might possibly do something same for my DDII body so that the line between upper and lower torso can be less visible when my girls wearing bikini. The only thing is that I’m just not sure whether the lower torso of the DDII body is same length with the DDY so that it can still hold up the trimmed upper torso.

    • Maarit says:

      I wish it was possible to do similar bikini line parting for DD2/DD3 as DDdy but the DD2 lower body just doesn’t go high enough to make the bust part shorter :(

      • Vivienne says:

        Oh too bad, so you’ve tried already? I haven’t decided yet but I just made a few measurements and based on the numbers, I was hoping that it’d be safe to trim the bust as long as you we don’t go over 1cm because in reality, the lower part is still covered quite long under the upper one. Also the outfit I’m trying to get on my daughter this time wasn’t really a bikini, it is the Wild Strawberry outfit that comes with DDS Miki Hoshii.

        • Maarit says:

          I haven’t tried really. I took the ribcage thingy under the bust of from DD2 body and the DD2 lower torso seemed really short under the bust (well at least compared to DD3 that extends flaps).

          1cm might be actually possible now that I had another peep inside the body. Put as I don’t have means to get a cheap bust part to try with and there is a change that even if you could trim 1cm of it would leave a gap between the lower torso and bust (different circumfences) I don’t dare to try even I do love tinkering XD

          But if you try shortening DD bust, I’d love to hear what’s the results. The are some outfits that would look great if the seamline would go under the bust and not in the waist like now

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