Colouring Book

My winter vacation started on friday and as I have been feeling like I want to draw, but as the white paper scares me, I decided to buy one of those Colouring books meant for adults. There were some books that interested me online, but as I could not see what the actual pictures inside were like and it would have taken too much time to order a book from online, I went to the nearest bookshop and after half hour pondering decided to buy this Wild Savannah book and Stabilo colours to go with it. 019I liked the drawings on this books and unlike other books the drawings weren’t miniature size. I just can’t understand how could anyone relax colouring something so tiny… But my book is nice :D 023And the good point on this kind of colouring book that is meant for stress relief is that, if I don’t want to colour something until it’s finished, I don’t have to :D 021I just wish I had more colours in the Stabilo set. 20 colours is not enough really (The bookstore had an advertisement of 25pcs Stabilo set + colouring book for 17,95 euros, but both the pen sets and colouring books were out of stock. So somehow I feel like I lost 5 colours XD )

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