Artist Alley

Frostbite and the Artist Alley is over and I’m back home. I was nervous how the Alley was going to go, but in the end I had fun and sold more items than I expected :) Most unexpected sale was that someone bought Iiris the custom Dollfie Dream I has readyed for the Alley. But here are some pictures of the Artist Alley.

Just one bag for the hangers and one bag for dolls. I put the items into storage bags so I didn’t have to worry about them getting dirty on the way.
Taidekuja1Taidekuja2Our table ready :3 Taidekuja3Taidekuja4Close-up of Iiris and the sweaters hanger Taidekuja5Mirai watching over the hoodie hanger Taidekuja6Perunaprinssi had eyes for sale and her Lucy and Momo had eyes made by her. I really like the syle Momo had and bought a pair of brown version of the same eyes. Taidekuja7Taidekuja8Close-up of the eye display Taidekuja9And more close-ups of the other items I had for sale Taidekuja10Taidekuja11Artist Alley was fun, but it did take awfully lot of time to prepare for it. Maybe one day I will do this again if I can get a friend to go with me and have 6 months of spare time to prepare for it.

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