Last of the knitting

^_^ Now I can lay down my knitting needles for the rest of the year. I made socks for relatives and december commission and even though I would like to have same items for myself it’s time to rest and learn to sew. It’s only about 8 weeks until Artist alley >_<

But here are the last and most beautiful knittings I made. I found the pattern for these socks from DROPS desing. 002I like the blue-coloured the best. I hope the receivers like these, but if not. Well, I consider it finnish tradition to give wool socks as Christmas presents once in a lifetime :D 004

December commission was bit difficult as I really love these colours for DD items and would love to have kept these myself. Managed to post them anyway.december_commission

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2 Responses to Last of the knitting

  1. Spica says:

    Wow, those socks are really beautiful! I’m sure you’re relatives will be happy when they open the parcels on Christmas Eve. I know I would be. :)

    And that picture of the commissioned items makes me anticipate Desucon Frostbite so much~ :3

    • Maarit says:

      Thank you :D I love the norwegian desings on DROPS. I’ve made one sweater from there and I’m going to make another one.

      I’m waiting Desucon more than Christmas >_< It's a bit scary to go to the Artist Alley, but luckily I have a friend sharing the table.

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